33 - Straight

Michigan, United States

Sep 26, 2022 14:27

Gamer, fandom geek, and Otaku, female s*x, neutral gender. I dye my hair 2-3 times per year, always neon blue undercut pixie. Love rock, pop rock and metal music's. I'm seeking the Percival De Rolo to my Vex'ahlia, the Levi Ackerman to my Hange Zoe, the Roy Mustang to my Riza Hawkeye. In short, I'm looking for my soul mate and my player 2. I seek a strong, pretty smart guy who I can have a relatively intelligent conversation with, must have a sense of humor, a fondness for animals, and a similar dislike for crotch goblins/children as I do not want any. I am a dominant sort of gal, keep that in mind. My age frame is 21-35, therefore must be old enough to drink but young enough to remember what the word 'fun' means. I am a mild asthmatic, and being on the short side (5'2) I don't take long strides when walking. I do however enjoy walking, and I currently have a cat, and would like to find a guy who fits my desire and is open to a cat and a dog further down the road. Hit me up if you may have any interest in either a serious relationship or a FWB relationship, or even just to chatter for a while to see where it goes from there.