43 - Straight

Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

May 6, 2023 13:53

About me, well no surprises, I love gaming! It’s more of a passion than a hobby.

Whether that be getting stuck into and losing myself in a great RPG, seeking out and unboxing those elusive collectors editions, counting the minutes to that day one new release, trophy hunting or the excitement of booting up a game I’ve been looking forward to for the first time. It never gets old!

It’s hard to single out my favourite games, there’s so many. My favourite genre is RPG’s so I’ll just list my 3 favourite RPG’s otherwise my list would go on forever.

1. The Witcher 3
2. Mass Effect Legendary Edition
3. Persona 5 Royal

I’d like to meet someone who shares my interests. Someone who feels the same way about gaming that I do. Someone to share in the fun.

Perhaps we could meet up in the gaming PixelBar in Manchester for drinks.

You can find me mainly on PlayStation. I have also recently started to develop my YouTube channel for playthroughs and trophy guides, details below...

PSN ID: SolusSingularity
YouTube: SolusSingularity



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