33 - Gay

near Lake of Constance, Germany

Feb 23, 2024 11:09

Hi :3

where to start ...
I'm Lexa (not my real name ), I'm half german, part polish and spanish, I have blue-greyish eyes, black hair and my height is 170cm
I like swimming, riding my bicycle, beaches and sunset, I'm more of a night owl and I'm a huge fantasy and Star Wars nerd
what I also love:
- gaming, like RPGs, Visual Novels and LoL
- purple, black and darkblue/darkred
- music https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4w4HpT8iutXRcHZGJFF6cQ?si=099c7c56c9714d1f
- my two cats

I'm into feminine girls that are more dominant then me ... which isn't hard, since I'm mostly shy and introvert (but writing helps a bit :X )
I have a huge soft spot for longer hair
I'm not a pillow princess, I really enjoy giving too - but I'm definetly a sub 😅

Since I'm quite shy I'm mostly not too talkative - more a good listener
buuut I'm a very touchy person (with my significant other :3) - like holding hands, cuddling, kissing - even in public, I don't mind - I can easily fade out other people

The point in being a lesbian is that I'm not sexually attracted to men. At all. Period.
I can be friends with men, but nothing more.
Sorry, but not sorry