36 - Straight

saxony, Germany

Jan 21, 2024 15:12

I really like games. I also like harmonizing with a team, so coop shooters, strategy games, moba´s and mmo´s are for me. Even in single player like Skyrim or Breakpoint i like to have a.i. teammates who carry my s**t and/or help me in battle. My goal for League of Legends this season is getting emerald (im gold atm)with Vayne adc, so if you are a good support with a honey-in -my-ear voice i´d love to chat you up. Other games you maybe also like: minecraft, valheim, monster hunter, elder scrolls online, guild wars 1+2, and there surely are more but i ´d also like to tip my toe in your favourite game. If you first wanna stalk me from a safe distance, search for rainbow pheanix on twitch.