59 - Straight

West Virginia, United States

Jul 18, 2024 21:29

I went to West Virginia University in my hometown of Morgantown, WV. After university, I lived overseas teaching English for a long time and moved back to my hometown in 2010. Currently, I work with people who have IDD. I've never been married and don't have kids.
I enjoy gaming online and talking to gaming friends on a VoIP program called Discord. Most of my gaming friends are over 45 years old and one is 78. My online gaming began with Diablo 2 and has continued through the series to Diablo 4. I also play the zombie apocalypse game called DayZ and had my own server for a while.
I like playing pool/billiards with friends from time to time and having a drink while doing so. While living abroad, I helped at a small dog rescue center, and I brought three small dogs back to the US with me in 2010 (the youngest passed away last summer). I still love dogs (and like cats) but don't want one now due to living in a small apartment downtown. I haven't dated for a long time and just tried getting back into it earlier this year by joining dating sites. Until now, most have been a nightmare and I'm hoping this site works out better.



Age: 32 / straight

West Virginia
United States


Age: 30 / straight

West Virginia
United States