35 - Straight

Rīga, Latvia

Aug 31, 2016 00:50

Only about games for now but maybe it tells something about me:

I like walking simulators, beautiful games. Mood is almost more important than gameplay. I love peace and serenity, no rush, no shooting, maximum relaxation. Oh yes, and music above all. I am officially obsessed with beautiful music, like that from Ethan Carter. Since Ethan Carter came out nothing has been the same again . I am waiting for more games like that. I almost don't like word "game" anymore. I just love walking around, soaking up the atmosphere. I almost don't want to do any gameplay. But I also like storylines of many games. I like rain in games. And autumn. Some keywords would be - gloom, mist, creepy, deserted, bleak, lonely, morning, rain, nature, chill, wind, cold, autumn, fog, peace, serenity, timeless, dystopia, love. Of course, I like female protagonists, or couple (guy & girl) and girls in games in general. Recent favourites are Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, also puzzle game Talos Principle which has amazing and philosophical atmosphere and story. I was suprized by Talos Principle. I kinda don't like puzzle games but this one ended up in my top 10 of all time. I also like story and visuals of Witcher 3, maybe Skyrim, Gothic/Risen series, SOMA, old time looking Mafia series, some point-and-click games like Syberia series, maybe Silent Hill. I am also obsessed with cab-over semi-truck games but that's another story. Now, about what I don't like. I used to like them but not anymore since visually beautiful 3d games took over. I can't normally play any game that is not visually appealing to me because I think of those that are. I don't like anymore sidescrollers/platformers, real time strategy, puzzle (except Talos), shooting/fighting/combat (although many has great visuals, like Far Cry 4), racing/car games (only cab-over semi-trucks), basically anything time based/with time limit (I like to take as long time as I want, no rush). Also don't like 2d games, quick time events, overly long cutscenes, skill grinding/looking at numbers (level 99 s**t etc.) and zombies. I hate zombies/vampires/blood/guts. I can't understand how people can be into this blood/guts thing. I guess most of them are kids. I am down to earth, I just like ordinary, beautiful people, realistic down to earth events etc. So What's left? Maybe some role playing, searching for clues, point-and-click, mystery, nothing much, basically game mood is primary, gameplay secondary. In many beautiful games I am almost tempted to use cheats so i don't need to fight and can just enjoy scenery/storyline. I have played some online games, like Second Life, but basically they are ugly and there are many people which i don't like. I prefer offline games. Oh yes, and I don't like dungeon crawlers because there is not much to see, just walls walls and walls and fighting. And also don't like darkness in general in games/movies when you can't see s**t, so often gamma slider goes up.

Jeez, that's long. I am officially weird.

P.S. Hate Minecraft.