32 - Straight

Alaska, United States

Nov 2, 2023 20:49

I'm a 31 year old, 6'2" Alaska Native guy who works construction/landscaping for my main work and likes to game it up in my free time.
I have plenty of other hobbies, but I would definitely say gaming is a bigger passion overall. I've gotten into streaming on Twitch and uploading to Youtube (both LeontyXP). I play mainly PS4 (AKDemon1991), I do have a mini pc but it doesn't have a great gpu or anything so only light gaming there. I'll play almost any genre or game, but the games I've been playing for fun recently are Fortnite, NBA 2K23, Dead by Daylight and Overwatch 2. I also have a Switch, lol, I just play that less because I can't stream it.
I do have a daughter who lives with her mom, a relationship that ended this last April that lasted for 7 years and am trying to meet someone who shares my passion that I can connect with who also wants someone to talk to throughout the day and share life experiences with.
I don't smoke, 420 friendly (but don't seek it out), I do drink but it's not a focus in my life. I'm past the stage in my life where I want to go out and seek social gatherings or anything, really would rather have a meaningful, synergetic connection with fewer people in my life. I've tried to have everything in life already and with everything that I've experienced or been through I just want to be content now and hope that's not too much to ask.

My discord is AKDemon91#6837 if that works for you to chat, otherwise messaging here is fine too, I got rid of social media back in 2018 tho fyi.
If this sounds like you in a nutshell, please look me up, I hope we can connect



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