25 - Straight

Alaska, United States

Mar 19, 2024 04:32

I'm a lifelong gamer, and I'm also a science nerd. I love most sci-fi and fantasy content, especially anything that sparks my imagination. Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings are some of my favorite series. I game on PC mostly, but I also have a PS4 and an Xbox One that I will play on occasionally. Right now I'm in university pursuing a degree in Marine Biology, and working part time, so I don't have much time to game lately. When I do have time, I've been playing a lot of Valheim lately. Other than gaming I really love being out in nature, mosty hiking, and I also enjoy kayaking, swimming, fishing, and camping. I hope to start scuba diving soon too!

My friends would describe me as charming, funny, kind, trustworthy, and smart. I'm looking for a nice, nerdy girl with similar interests.



Age: 21 / straight

United States


Age: 32 / straight

United States